Application integration

Vigilanté can be connected to other systems / platforms either within the company or of other service providers such as Share Registrars, designated Stock brokers. This ensures a single window to know all about the status of compliance, delays, errors in disclosures by employees, Management reporting and disclosures to Stock Exchanges.

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Compliance requires undertaking several repetitive processes such as seeking pre clearance, checking compliance with code of conduct, auto approval of transactions below threshold limits, sending reminders and alerts to employees, communicating closing and opening of trading window, submission of continuing disclosures and so on. Vigilanté automates all these routine tasks and ensures consistent, uniform and timely compliance.

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This ensures that all the connected persons (consultants, lawyers, bankers, auditors) can access the same platform and follow a uniform process. Exception reporting helps the Compliance Officer to interact with these firms to highlight non-compliance, delays.

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A critical component of compliance is to create awareness among employees about the requirements and effects of non-compliance. Vigilanté enables this effectively. Rule based triggers, tracking, reminders, alerts and reporting ensure that the Compliance Officer is always in the know of the status, delays and defaults.

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