Vigilanté is a web based insider trading software which helps the Compliance Officer to centrally manage, track and follow up on all compliances pertaining to Insider Trading. It allows the Compliance Officer to set up its trading policy, announce opening and closing of trading windows, provide pre clearance approvals based on prescribed limits, capture trade details and also initial and periodic holdings of insiders. This helps the Compliance Officer to generate all reports at a single click.

Vigilanté ensures compliance of all aspects that the new Regulations ask for :

  • gift

    Enables creating awareness among Insiders through alerts, reminders, reports

  • key

    Simplifies the process for seeking pre clearances, reporting trades and disclosures

  • heart

    Linkages with Share Registrars and designated brokers enable reconciliation of disclosures made by employees

  • eye

    Independent access to non-employee Insiders (connected persons) brings them on the same platform which simplifies communication, approvals, monitoring and reporting

  • idea

    Exhaustive management reporting with a dashboard, enables the Compliance Officer to keep a close watch on compliance

New Regulations :

Insider Trading, rather controlling Insider Trading, has for long been on the radar of Corporate Regulators. In spite of the SEBI’s Regulations being in-force from 1992, there was no serious attention given to their adherence. The cases investigated by SEBI were also far and few. Over the last couple of years however SEBI has been investigating more such cases and there have also been instances where individual employees along with the companies being penalized.

The new Regulations from SEBI which have come into effect from 15th May 2015, are much exhaustive in scope and coverage. They also expect a lot from the Compliance Officer. Widening the definition of Insider and connected persons would mean monitoring trades of a larger number of people. Concept of Trading Plan, introduced for the first time in India, brings in another track of events to be monitored.

In short, a lot more is expected from the Compliance Officer under the new regime. With the objective of facilitating this compliance, creating more awareness and greater participation from Insiders, we have conceptualized, designed and developed Vigilanté, a web based platform.


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